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More coach parking at Stonehenge

English Heritage is to increase the number of coach parking spaces at Stonehenge.

The move follows concerns over a lack of space at peak times and congestion caused by coaches having to double park. The plans, which have yet to be approved, will see the number of permanent coach parking spaces increase to 53. The plans also include the provision of a new toilet at the coach welcome centre, and parking for 26 motorhomes.

English Heritage says 60% of the 1.3 million people who visit the site each year now arrive by coach, a figure far higher than originally planned.

The increase in demand has also brought the end of the fleet of land trains as they were unable to cope. A shuttle bus now provides the visitor transport between the visitor centre and the Stones. A new turning facility is to be built at the visitor centre.

Commenting on the development, Stonehenge general manager Kate Davies says: “Our own experience since we opened our new facilities at Stonehenge in December 2013, together with feedback from industry colleagues and visitors and extensive research have all shown that these key improvements could make a massive difference in the future, whilst maintaining the integrity of the World Heritage Site. This is about English Heritage being able to provide the best possible welcome for coaches visiting Stonehenge.”

Stonehenge has announced plans to increase the number of coach parking spaces